What if the answers we seek were contained in simply knowing the right questions to ask?


I started out with this question, “how could I improve people’s lives and make the world a better place?” When I realized real estate could be the platform for that I was in, I was all in.

I’ve answered that question in many ways through careers I’ve chosen and some that chose me, but also by approaching every morning with a mindset of how I connect with my world. My question then is, “who do I want to be today?”

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My standards are set at the very highest level. My mantra every day is “what if I helped someone identify their dreams and helped make those dreams come true?”

I’ve been a loving nanny, owner of my own wedding florist business, and a nurturing second grade teacher with a master’s degree in education. I’ve been answering the question as a “real estate warrior,” an honor bestowed by clients that I strive to live up to every day. I am fearless and tenacious when following my instincts and using voice and experience advocating for my clients. It is my ability to foster trusting, open and communicative relationships with other professionals including brokers, lenders, and title and escrow that gives my clients a singular advantage.


I’ve developed an exacting process that allows me to connect with a client’s specific needs and help them articulate their dreams that has never failed to produce the perfect outcome.

Identifying client dreams, balanced with statistics-based analysis is key to being the person in the room with the most information, that person always wins. My clients are at the heart of everything I do, supporting them through my experience and guiding them expertly to achieve their dreams. My method informs, tracks and monitors clients from the first handshake and beyond. I wrap them in a blanket of security and knowledge that allows them to successfully make informed decisions throughout the entire process.

An insatiable learner I’m passionate about sharing information that allows me to make the world a better place by teaching first time home buyer classes and helping other brokers find their authentic “True North”. Realogics Sotheby’s is where I’m the most grounded and supported by a world class brokerage to answer all the right questions. You’re going to need a warrior on your side.

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