Some Do’s and Don’ts: Choosing a Real Estate Broker Sell Your property


This is challenging for many people because if you’re not a real estate professional how in the world do you know how to select someone to represent you? For both buyers and sellers this should be, but often isn’t, a careful selection made by asking the right questions. Real estate is a huge investment where the sale can have long lasting results. Here are some useful do’s and don’ts:

  1. DO choose a Realtor! I mean “Realtor,” because not all real estate brokers are Realtors. Realtors are held to a much higher standard of ethics, are required to take regular code of ethics training, pass a rigorous test, and pay membership dues to belong to this, the highest professional level.

  2. DO ask how your Realtor will properly vet the buyers interested in your property so you don’t end up in contract with someone who can’t complete the sale, causing you lost time on market and often resulting in a lower price for sellers.

  3. DO ask how will you market your property. A good broker should give you an idea of likely buyers, where they’ll come from, and how to market to them. The farther the marketing campaign reach, the more potential buyers will come, world-wide is best.

  4. DO ask what happens if you don’t get the offer you want, what will you do? You and your broker are in business together, the business of selling your home. You need a plan, contingencies, and a timeline that includes professional photos, video, and staging.

  5. DON'T choose the broker because you’ve seen their signs around the neighborhood, that’s not enough to go on. You should see a timeline and an extensive list of a detailed plan.

  6. DO select someone you have confidence in, you have a relationship with, that has a comprehensive plan. If they spend most of their time talking about their successes, ask yourself where their “customer first” might be hiding?

  7. DO trust your broker. They will give you suggestions for making your home the most marketable property possible.

  8. DON'T hire the one that has the deepest discount. If they’ll discount their fee, will they also discount your property when negotiating? It’s often a lifetime investment, shopping for the discount broker is akin to putting your family on the discount airline. Are you absolutely certain it’s as safe as the one with a world safety record?